We have been involved in stone sales andprocessing since 2002. We offer materials of the highest quality. We import natural stone from all over the world

A modern machine park and qualified employees guarantee a high standard of workmanship

We process and assemble natural stones, such as granites, marbles, basalts in a full range of colors

In our offer you will find both façade stones and stones for indoor use

With us you can count on reliable and nice advice as well as accurate and professional execution of the entrusted work.

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PN-PT/ Godz. 7-16
SO/ Godz. 9-13


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We invite investors, architects, industry
contractors and all interested parties to cooperate with us.


Aesthetic kitchen worktop is a basic element of equipment in any modern kitchen. Durable, easy to maintain and resistant to damage will surely serve for many years in your kitchen.


Original structure, hardness and strength are the features that should be taken into account when choosing a floor type for modern and original interiors

Shower trays

Stone shower trays are an elegant alternative to shower trays made of acrylic, steel or ceramics. We offer shower trays made of any type of stone. Shower trays made of stone will give your bathroom a subtle elegance


Stylish and timeless stairs? Bet on marble or granite. Granite stairs are a proven solution. In our offer you will find both external and internal stairs



Modern fireplaces are often built into the wall or decorated with a finishing material such as natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine or sandstone. This gives your interior a unique character.

Decorative stones

Decorative stone is an obligatory element of any elegant interior, bringing a sense of style and prestige to it. Available in many color variants inspired by the beauty of nature, decorative stones will allow you to precisely match the choice to your interior design.


The use of natural stone has no limits! Stone decorations on the walls are the attributes of luxury apartments, fashion for stone and the spread of cheaper decorative stone have caused, however, that a similar effect can also be achieved at home.


We make unique tombstones of natural stone. We have a large base of our own projects, but we also carry out individual orders according to the client's project. We offer a wide range of decorative elements. We also provide the necessary maintenance.